Protect Your Home in Queen Creek AZ With These Home Security Tips

locksmiths queen creek azHomeowners in Queen Creek Arizona always expect that their homes are always safe but they don’t see the other side of the coin. Just like the saying goes, “once bitten twice show”, those whose house has been burglarized would take precaution thereafter while others will take it lightly. You cannot claim that your house is safe yet you have never called a Locksmith in Queen Creek AZ, like the pros at to come and do an expert inspection. Before somebody else break into your house, it is better if you take precaution by observing the following Locksmith Security Tips of different places at your home and indeed you will be better on the other side.

Check out these videos for some tips:


Wood and long screws should be used to fix the door jamb while a well installed deadbolt must be used at the exterior door. A dowel is a must if your door is uses glass slides. Why don’t you substitute the screen doors with that made of iron or steel because of security?


Avoid bushes and poor lighting at your home compound. You should also avoid thrashing unused objects within the outdoor to avoid creating hiding places for intruders. Using signage such as “CCTV at Work” within your home will be an advantage.


The windows should be locked if no one is left behind otherwise the curtain should be released every time to prevent a see me through scenario. Window films can also be used to avoid prying eyes and also making them hard to break. In case you suspect a faulty window, do replacement immediately and last but not the least is to remove structures such as ladder that can make it easy for one to access the house through the window.


Avoid giving spare keys to anyone including the immediate neighbor. The best place is to keep it in realtor boxes that can only be accessed using a code. The key must always be in your hands or at the pocket and not in an open place like a play ground or left with the lock. Having another spare key with you in a confine place like the wallet is a good idea. You can also consider using the same key for all the main doors but that which is accessed by none family member like a nanny should be different.


Home security tips are endless but the above are the main ones that you should always adhere to. Other tips could include using CCTVs, burglar alarms, having special marks in all your assets and so forth. If you comply by above, cases of break-ins and burglary will be like “it used to happen but not anymore”.

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