Why employ a locksmith for your commercial panic bar repairs?

panic-exit-deviceAs some of you might already know, a business enterprise in a commercial structure is usually subject to a lot more rules and regulations for safety and security than any other property. This is primarily because these structures hold a lot more people than any private residential property. And while local laws differ in semantics from state to state, every one of them agrees upon providing a quick and safe exit from the building in the event of an emergency. One of the regulations to ensure this includes having a panic bar, an installation on doors to ensure people are able to move out easily, even if their hands are full. Today we will talk about importance of having a smoothly functioning panic bar and why you should employ a locksmith in Renton WA for commercial panic bar repairs.

Panic bars are one of the critical factors when developing an efficient egress strategy. In an event of a fire or electrical short circuiting, people need to clear the area quickly. Most people will also try to protect any important articles and documents which have a risk of being caught in the fire. In such a moment of chaos, a regular door is an obstacle for a safe egress strategy for the people inside. Conventional doors also run a risk of being jammed, thereby temporarily trapping the people inside and causing further chaos. By having a panic bar, which relies of a spring mechanism for a smooth movement, people can just push the door with minimal effort and exit the building quickly. It also has a wider door frame than regular doors, thereby facilitating a much faster exit strategy. Apart from the safety factor, panic bars are also easier to use on a daily basis when moving in and out of your office.

While panic bars seem an optimal solution for a variety of reasons, its durability, or rather the lack of it, is one of the downsides. Panic bars can break down easily for a variety of reasons. The spring mechanism can fail when due to applying excessive force or frequent use. Sometimes a small object might get near the hinges, hinder and ultimately break the functioning of the door. Panic bars are also an easy way to get into an enterprise fairly unnoticed and thus can cause security concerns. Most of all, panic bars have complex mechanisms inside, even if the working seems fairly simple from the outside. Thus, its a bit more complex to repair a panic bar than a regular door.

This is where employing a professional locksmith helps you a lot for commercial panic bar repairs. Nowadays most locksmith enterprises focus on a much broader perspective of ensuring safe and easy movement of people. Thus apart from fixing issues with the functioning of panic bars, professional locksmith service can help you in getting a fairly durable panic bar which will be following the current local laws. They can also fix a simple yet efficient lock system for you in case of a security concern.

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